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Save Energy to Beat the Heat

It’s turned hot and humid, and people who were just complaining about the winter chill are now sweating under the glare of the Michigan summer sun. For these months, we often see homeowners struggle under the burden of skyrocketing electric bills. Here are a few ways that your household can save energy and beat the heat this summer!

1.Go natural

Now that we have so many hours of daylight, be extra conscious about turning on lights. Open your blinds or curtains early in the morning to utilize morning sunlight. If you have children, you can make a game out of it - “Who can flip the fewest switches today?” In the evenings, position chairs near windows for reading or other activities.

2.Be efficient

LED lighting is a great idea any time of the year, but warm weather makes it especially easy to install. Consider switching the lights you use most - over the dining room or living room, perhaps - to LED as a first step. Remember, LED is approximately 90% more efficient than incandescent lighting. It’s worth the investment!

3.Hunker down

Air conditioning costs are not cheap, and on the hottest days your unit might struggle to keep up with high temps. Instead of blasting A/C, try sleeping in the basement of your home, where the air is naturally cool.

4.Shut up

Another way to help your A/C run efficiently is by shutting doors to bedrooms and other important rooms in your home. Cold air is trapped in the places it’s needed most, instead of traveling to stairways, high-ceiling living spaces, or any storage space.

5.Cancel vampires

Use an advanced power strip (APS) to shut down “vampire loads” - electronics that consume energy even while switched off. Switch out old power strips for an advanced version, and make sure that electronics which you leave constantly plugged in (i.e. computer, TV, chargers, etc.) are using an APS.

Need help with your home’s electrical? Give us a call to have Butler Electric service your home this summer.

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