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Case Study: Solar Energy in Muskegon Heights

The western shores of Lake Michigan shine upon Muskegon Heights, a city of about 10,000 people in Muskegon County. Thanks to a project promising to convert “almost half of the city’s electrical consumption to solar,” this community is progressing towards a brighter future. 

Aptly titled “New Heights,” this ambitious project is part of a broader campaign to improve the city’s “financial divestment in its public infrastructure and schools” (Mlive).

While solar energy companies, Chart House Energy and New Energy Equity, are developing the solar projects, Muskegon Heights contracted us to assist with wiring the new panels. 

“Bryan was great. The work is top-notch, very neat, and very organized. He’s very personable. He was a pleasure to work with. Super personable. Super professional. Definitely would do business with him again. He did an excellent job. Clean and organized.” - Fire Chief Chris Dean  

We helped install solar power on a water pumping facility right on Lake Michigan, with more additions to come. The 645-kilowatt system is expected to “offset about 47 percent of electrical consumption in city-owned buildings, saving about $100,000 per year” (Mlive). The goal is to offset nearly 50% of electrical consumption in municipal buildings. 

This project will also be a huge boost to the area’s economy, promising at least 20 new jobs with wages of $20 per hour (Mlive). Talk about an investment! 

It’s been a pleasure to work with such a great team. We are so excited to see this community flourish towards greater heights. 

We provide both regular electrical services and solar panel assistance. Shoot us a message to our expert team for any questions or inquiries. 


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