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With an extensive history in commercial electrical services, we are uniquely positioned to offer your business the most comprehensive electric care. Whether your organization is brand new or well-grounded, we can help optimize existing wiring and installations or implement new solutions.

​Serving retail, office space, storefronts, light industrial, and more!

  • Transformers

  • Bus ducts

  • Disconnects

  • LED lighting

  • Lighting controls

  • Emergency service calls

  • Routine inspection and maintenance

  • Equipment wiring service

Let us serve your organization with our expertise. Contact us.


We love serving homes in West Michigan because we live here, too!


  • Indoor and outdoor lighting installation

  • Home electrical inspections

  • New home build or remodel

  • Device replacement

  • New outlets

  • Switches and dimmers

  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation


Call today to find out how Butler Electric can improve your home's electric wiring.


Our expertise includes solar panel installation for your home, office, or business. Go green with renewable energy - there's no reason to wait!


  • Photovoltaic (pv) energy

  • DC wiring / strings

  • Expertise with Solar Edge, Enphase, Sunny Boy, LG, Tesla, and more

  • Solar cells / panels / arrays


Get in touch to see how solar energy can save you money.

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