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Is Integrity Important Anymore?

Is integrity important anymore?

Short answer: yes!

We here at Butler Electric don’t just appreciate quality work, we value quality employees who demonstrate integrity as well. Integrity means your words align with your actions for Butler Electric. That’s why our team doesn’t just walk the walk, we make sure “the walk” matches “the talk” as well.

Integrity is important to us. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the best way to operate. Before anything else, we’re upfront about our prices. We never gouge prices or sneak hidden fees in. During the building process, we are intentional about building a good relationship with our customers. The nature of contracting means that schedules change, and issues arise. We can’t always control these factors, but we promise to keep our clients as up to date as we can.

Butler Electric has been able to maintain its integrity, thanks to our team. When we hire a new electrician on, we give them three principles to work by: be honest, be fair, and show up on time. These three simple rules have helped cultivate an honest team of passionate members.

Our integrity is also based in our local roots. We’re West Michigan natives, and we serve the area we have loved and known all our lives. We love what we do and where we serve, so we work until our clients are completely satisfied. That’s the way of integrity - the Butler Electric way.

Ready to work with a team committed to integrity? Give us a call!

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