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Running Networking Cable for a New Business

As you may have heard, we recently finished our 4th European Wax Center project. You could say it’s becoming something of a habit! Our team was called in to help get a storefront ready for a new European Wax location in Brighton, MI. It was important that our work was completed correctly and efficiently so the new business could open on time. One interesting aspect of this job was that, in addition to regular electrical work like lighting installations, we were tasked with running the networking cable throughout the unit.

“Networking cables” refers to the wires that connect hardware like printers, computers, and routers/switches. They’re typically installed or upgraded during a construction project. Updated networking cables keep technologies talking to each other. The goal is to make the wires as inconspicuous as possible, perhaps hidden alongside conduit in the ceiling or zip tied in bundles underneath the floor. Networking cables need to be run carefully to avoid putting them at risk of damage, and there should be minimal slack so that things are neat and tight and out of sight.

You don’t need to be an electrician to do this job, but it does fall into our lap occasionally. Networking cable often runs through the same locations as our electrical wiring. As experienced electrical contractors, the Butler Electric team is well-versed with running cabling during a new build or renovation project. For the European Wax project, their IT support team would help connect the cable terminations to the hardware at a later date. Our team was able to set them up for success by running the cables through the building during our part of the project.

This local franchise is now opening, thanks in part to Butler Electric and the other contractors who got their new space ready. We know their operations will continue to go, ahem, smoothly as they serve a new community with beauty & wellness services.

Contact our team to inquire about our commercial electric services for new builds and renovations for businesses large and small.


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