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4 Electrical New Year's Resolutions

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

New year, new you! Start the decade off right with these electrical habits.

1. Replace regular light bulbs with LEDs. Survey all of the lights in your home and identify any non-LED ones. You can do so by carefully placing your thumb on top of the bulb. If it’s hot to the touch, it’s a non-LED light bulb. Once you’ve located all non-LED bulbs, replace them with LED light-saving ones. Why? They use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 35-50 times longer. These are also the safer option since they emit less heat and are thus less likely to produce a fire.

2. Make a habit of checking outlets. Be wary of dust bunnies, frayed cords, or overloaded outlets. A precaution like this doesn’t take long but could be potentially life-saving in the future.

Save Energy. This one is a no-brainer. Saving energy means saving costs and a healthier planet. Check out this post for easy ways that you can conserve energy.

3. Inspect your GCFI’s. We recommend you check that your GCFI outlets are functioning properly at least once a month. All you need to do to inspect your GCFI’s is to press the test/reset button. If you notice a malfunction, immediately call a professional.

4. Consider solar power. More and more American households are making the transition to solar energy each year. According to SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), the U.S had enough GW of installed solar energy to power 12.3 million American homes. Will you be one of these households? Learn more about going solar here.

Learn more expert tips and how-to’s here. And give us a call at 616.643.8287 for your electrical needs.


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