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Our Values at Butler Electric

Butler Electric has been in business for almost ten years. In that time, we’ve gone through a few changes and transformations—whether it be adding new team members or expanding the types of services we offer. But something we promise will never change is our commitment to quality service. This dedication unfolds in a four-part way: 

Sustainability. Solar panels were once largely inaccessible for most people. Now, there’s over a million solar panels in use across the country (source: Lower prices and conservation efforts have contributed to the jump in popularity. As experienced electricians in solar energy, we are huge advocates of sustainable energy as well. We’ve assisted small businesses, local organizations, and homeowners get panels installed—and we’d love to help more clients! 

Accommodating. A professional project is ultimately a relationship; and we want to treat this relationship as respectfully as we can. We believe clear communication about expectations lays the foundation for a good working relationship. From there, we will work to best accommodate our client’s vision.  

Affordability. We pride ourselves on our fair prices—something our clients have taken note of as well! When we promise quality work that means we’re operating according to the utmost standard of workmanship, prices, and timeliness. 

Integrity. Lastly, and most crucially, our company is rooted in integrity. This principle isn’t so much a singular idea as it is the sum of all our other values. We practice integrity by being true to our word and valuing the relationship with each client. We want to do our work by honoring the integrity of our clients, the industry, and the earth. 

We'd like to work with you on your next electrical project, big or small. Get in touch with us by calling 616.643.8287.


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