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Lean Team

What’s it like to be a small business owner? Bryan Butler, our founder, would be the first to tell you it’s a lot of work. But there’s also a huge reward and the knowledge of a job well done at the end of the day. If you’re self-driven and inspired to start a new business, we applaud you - and encourage you to get started!

One of the first choices a small business owner has to make is when to get help. You can only be a one-man or one-woman show for so long! So if you’re at the point where you need to hire some extra hands, how large should you make your team?

We are a lean operation, and our team is not large. But we’ve found that to be a huge advantage in this line of work. Here’s a few reasons why a lean team is a great investment:

Train employees closely and well.

With a small staff, you have the ability to mentor and teach your team one-on-one. This kind of hands-on learning is invaluable, especially in the electrical services business where apprentice is the best way to learn the trade! When you work closely with your staff, it also improves your relationship with them and helps keep you updated on any challenges they may be facing.

Enjoy a highly cohesive staff.

When you handpick your lean staff, you have the ability to form a very tight-knit group of people who work well together. There is always an opportunity for friction within any business, but if you carefully select a team with members who mesh well together, it’s the best recipe for success.

Reduce overhead costs.

Simply put, having a lean team reduces overhead costs. It’s not about doing more with less, but about doing more with the right amount. As your business grows, it may be time to invest in more good workers! But resist the urge to pack on new employees; instead, use a measured growth that takes time to re-evaluate your budget and needs before every new hire.

Maintain a flexible team.

We cannot overstate the flexibility of a small team. Larger organizations tend to be like a huge cruise ship - powerful and strong, but slow to change direction! A small team is like a speed boat that can turn on a dime and redirect energy as soon as it’s needed. In our line of work, where we are often called for emergency services, this flexibility is very valuable and allows us to serve our clients with excellence.

Streamline communications.

Ever heard of the game “telephone”? Sometimes having an overly large team can be like that, a never-ending game of he-said, she-said. Keep your communication simple by utilizing a lean team. Encourage open communications and let your employees know that you’re always open to discuss issues when they arise. Also, consider utilizing more flexible tools like texting, Slack, or WhatsApp for on-the-go workplace communication.

We’re happy with our lean team, and if you’re a small business owner, we hope this encourages you to invest in yours and utilize its full potential!

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