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Our Services - Are You in Range?

We’ve got a pretty lean staff (read more about why that’s an advantage here) and we are proud to call West Michigan home. But just how far will we travel to serve our clients

Good question!

Learn more about where we serve:

I’m close to West Michigan.

Our main locations are in THIS AREA, THIS AREA, AND THIS AREA. Our partner organizations in these areas are familiar stops for us. If you’re located in one of these spots, chances are great that we’ll be able to serve you, too! Give us a call.

I’m a little farther.

We get it - not everybody can live in the heart of Grand Rapids! If you’re a little bit farther out, not to worry. There’s a great chance that we can widen our service area to include you based on your needs. Get in touch to find out!

I’m pretty darn far away.

You don’t live anywhere near West Michigan? First of all, we’re sorry about that! Must be horrible. Secondly, feel free to reach out to us anyway. If we can’t make it to you, our team may have a solid recommendation for a provider in your area. Good electricians know good electricians, and we’d love to help you find the right one.

Request a quote by calling us at 616.643.8287 or sending us an email.

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