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Considering new lighting? Read this first.

Let’s play spot the difference. What differences can you find between these two pictures?

The answer is everything.

Well, perhaps not everything. The difference between the two pictures is the lighting, but this difference really is everything.

For any business, lighting should be considered as crucial as installing the front door. Even if a room is filled with luxurious furniture and ornate decorations, the whole space can end up looking gloomy and unwelcoming if the lighting is unsuitable.

So whether you’re a new business owner or just looking for a renovation, here are some things to consider before buying new lighting.

Why do you need lights? You wouldn’t cut your hair at a coffee shop, and you wouldn’t order a sandwich at a hair salon. Likewise, as different businesses offer different services, different lighting should serve different businesses.

What are you looking for? There is no thing as just lighting. There is tons of variety on the market, so you need to know what you want in order to to know what to buy.

What are the different types of lighting? There are three basic types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

How do these differ? Ambient is the most common type of lighting. It is usually a large fixture on the ceiling that will fill the space with just enough light. Next, task lighting is also known as “office lighting.” A more concentrated sister to ambient lighting, task lights are the perfect companion to illuminate a project. Lastly, accent lights, are exactly what they sound like. Small, focused areas of light designed to draw your eye to a focal point. There are hundreds of subcategories which stream from these three types, but this is a good place to start thinking about what you need.

Where should I get started? It can be daunting to try to figure this out on your own, and you shouldn’t.

Contact Butler Electric for a free quote and let’s make this world a brighter place.

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