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Woah, Baby! Electrical Safety for Kids

So a little stork flew by and delivered the newest member of your family. First of all, congratulations! While you may have been busy reading the latest parenting guides, don’t forget to baby-proof your house in the midst of all the busyness! Here’s how to child-proof all things electrical to make your home as happy and safe as possible.


Babies are curious about everything, but don’t let their curiosity of electrical outlets become a danger! According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 2,400 children suffer from severe shock and burns by “sticking items into the slots of electrical receptacles.” Electrical outlet injuries are common, so ensuring that outlets are properly baby-proofed is essential.

Newer houses feature “Tamper Resistant Receptacles,” meaning a double push mechanism is required to open the plastic shutters protecting the outlet. Baby-proofing this type of outlet is not necessary, because the protection is built-in. On the other hand, you must baby-proof a standard electrical outlet (figure out which type your house has, by consulting this guide). Baby-proofing an outlet can simply be done by using an outlet cap, outlet plugs, or outlet covers.


These should be baby-proofed so that your child can’t unplug them. Unplugged cords result in an exposed outlet that potentially could harm a child. The easiest way to baby-proof cords is by blocking the outlet with furniture. If this isn’t an option, one tool would be to use something like lectralock.

Extensions Cables

Extension cables may not be in every home, but these can cause serious damage! With the case of something long like these cords, we recommend you tape down the cords to the floor with gaffer’s tape.

For even more baby safety tips, including 5 things children love sticking into outlets, ways to baby-proof extensions cords and power strips, check out this article from Mom Loves Best.

Now you’re ready to safely bring your little one home. And for future electrical needs, you know where to find us.

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