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How To: Do An Electrical Check-up On Your Home

Just as your body needs an annual physical examination, your home should receive regular check-ups as well. Although it’s always best to contact an electrician, here are a few simple tips anybody can follow to ensure their home is up to date in terms of safety.

Inspect switches and outlets

Do they feel warm? Do they make any strange sizzling sounds? Do the plugs look loose in the outlets? If any of these apply to your outlets, then they may be unsafe to use! Unplug any cords and stop using the switches until a professional can properly conduct an inspection.

Check cords

Frayed and damaged cords are a giant fire hazard. Unplug them immediately and replace. Another thing to consider is the location of cords. They should never run underneath carpets or doors, and should be removed if they do.

Examine appliances

Some dangerous appliance practices you should avoid are keeping portable heaters in the bathroom, leaving unused appliances plugged in, or placing flammable products by heat sources. If an appliance begins to produce a rubbery smell, you should contact an electrician immediately.

Install circuit interrupters

There are two types of common circuit interrupters. ACFI’s (Arc fault circuit interrupter) immediately cut current when they detect dangerous conditions. GCFI’s (Ground fault circuit interrupter) prevent risk of electric shock by switching off the circuit breaker. If you don’t have GCFIs in your garage, basement, or bathroom, we highly recommend that you install one.

Interested in installing an ACFI or GCFI in your home? Let us help. Give us a call at 616.643.8287.

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