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Case Study: Rainbow International

Rainbow International of Grand Rapids is a go-to company for home repair. Whether it be mold, fire damage, water damage, home restoration services, or carpet & air duct cleaning Rainbow International is here to help. Their technicians use industry-proven techniques and equipment to rebuild your property so you can rebuild your life.

Butler Electric worked with Rainbow International of Grand Rapids when they were moving into a new warehouse that used to be a machine shop. In order for the space to be fully functioning Butler Electric had to remove circuits that they did not need, change lighting around, and take out equipment wiring that was no longer needed. Our team also tested all network cables and ran new ones.

In the cleaning area, which is used to restore peoples' possessions which have been damaged from fire or flood, we did all the electrical work. We installed LED lights and power outlets to help their crew see and perform their work flawlessly!

We love working with local businesses. Contact us for your next electrical project.

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