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Be Prepared: Winter

Whether you’re excited for snow or simply dreading cold weather, winter is coming. Are you prepared? From slippery roads to severe weather, the winter season can pose a lot of dangers to our safety. Here are our top electrical safety tips for the winter. Read on to learn about the preventive measures that will make this a safe winter.

Space Heaters

  • Avoid plugging them into a power strip

  • Keep away from flammable objects. Firefighters recommend that you allow a three foot radius around space heaters.

  • Make sure the heater is in a dry location. Even the smallest drop of water could cause a fire.

  • If using a space heater ever causes a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow, then unplug the space heater and call an electrician for help. Overloading a circuit with a space heater can be very dangerous.


  • Remember that extension cords are for temporary use only. Unplug your extension cord when you take down any decorations

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions when handling decorations. This goes for an electrical devices. It’s good practice to keep these instructions handy when you’re unsure.

  • Check cords for damage or fraying. Safely dispose of them if you notice any tears.


  • Verify that your outdoor outlets are all GFCI-protected. If they are, it should be clearly marked on your outlet. If they are not, it’s crucial that you install them before you plug anything in.

  • Make sure any electrical equipment or decorations are certified to be used outside.

Need help installing a GFCI? Or just want to learn more about electrical safety? Give us a call for further assistance.

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