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3 Electrical Projects for Summer

The Butler Electric team is back in action, and we’re ready to get your next electrical project on the calendar. If you’re interested in any DIY projects (check out our guides here), chain stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s  are offering delivery and curb-side pickup services for customers. Local hardware stores like Modern Hardware, Riley’s Ace Hardware, and Bridge St. Electric are also continuing to serve us during this time! Starting a project is a great way to destress and enjoy the weather, so don’t hold off on your summer projects until the world re-opens. 

And for the more complicated projects, give our professional team a call. Here’s 3 projects that are perfect for summer that our team would love to help you with:

Install a subpanel for your outbuilding 

An outbuilding is any kind of detached garage, shed, or workshop. If your outbuilding currently does not already have power, installing lights will be an extremely rewarding and useful project. When installing a subpanel, the first thing we want to think about is the size of the voltage you need. The most important thing is to start as soon as possible! If the ground is frozen that means we won’t be able to dig a trench for the outdoor wire. That makes this a great spring/summertime project.

Add landscaping lights

Why should you get landscaping lights? Not only can they serve decorative purposes, they are very functional as well. They set the mood, they provide a source of light to perform tasks, and they can even act as a safety precaution if you install motion sensitive lights. If you already have exterior lights, on the other hand, now is a great time to have them inspected for any defects. 

Solar energy projects

Getting more sunlight means more solar energy, but the weather also makes great conditions to install or repair solar panels as well. While the weather is nice, we can be on rooftops installing solar arrays or adding a battery to an existing solar setup. You can discover all of our resources on solar energy here. 

Contact us here to line up a residential or commercial electrical project this summer. We look forward to serving you with prompt, professional, and courteous service.

And there you have it. Three electrical projects to keep you busy while you enjoy the warm weather. Let us know what you’ve been working on or shoot us a message about electrical safety by calling (616)-643-8287 or emailing us at


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