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3 Signs You May Need New Lighting

A broken light bulb is a pretty obvious sign that you need new lighting, but there are many other signs that indicate your lighting may be in need of a revamp. From the aesthetic to life-saving, here are some reasons you might want to change things up.

Cost savings. The energy-efficient nature of LED and CFL bulbs leads to guaranteed savings. LED lights cost a few dollars more than incandescent bulbs, but can save you up to $3,000 since they last longer and require less energy. Talk about an investment! 

Security measure. Good, strong lighting can act as a great security measure. If your current outdoor lighting is dim or you do not have any, you may want to consider getting an upgrade. Bright outdoor lights can seriously deter any unwanted visitors on your premises. They have even been proven to prevent crime. 

Personalize your space. Did you know a search for light bulbs on Amazon returns over 5,000 results? The options for lightbulbs out there are vast and diverse! If you have a preference, there’s a lightbulb that can match it! From color-changing to dimmable, don’t underestimate the transformative power of different lighting to fresh up your living space. 


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