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A Closer Look at the Butler Electric Team

When hiring an independent tradesman, the team you decide to trust is the most important factor. Everyone is looking for the right electrician for the job. We would love to work with you and prove that our team is able to provide service that is high-quality, prompt, respectful, and cost-effective.

We believe that strong service stems from strong relationships. In order to help you find out if Butler Electric is right for you, we want to highlight Bryan and our team, offering some more information about our electrical capabilities in this post. You can also visit our team page and learn more about what it means to be locally owned and operated.

Founder & Master Electrician Bryan Butler Bryan began in the trades before the age of 20, working on a framing crew and building houses in the summers. While working as a framer, Bryan witnessed electricians at work in several of the houses his crew had built. Bryan also worked a summer for a general construction company doing all sorts of different trades. In both of these jobs, the work of the electricians around him intrigued him, and Bryan began looking for more opportunities to work in the electrical field.

Electrical Beginnings

Bryan was immediately drawn to the technicality of electric work. The fine details of the materials and the equipment obviously required skill and craftsmanship. That challenge is still what drives our team today.

After training as an electrician, Bryan started with commercial projects first, wiring new buildings and completing electrical maintenance on several different private buildings. He decided to start his own business and become his own boss. As Butler Electric grew, Bryan also worked in the residential sector to wire homes and provide specialty services like solar power projects, service upgrades, and rewiring old homes.

Bryan says, “I believe in better quality work and better customer care.” Butler Electric is committed to providing high quality electric care for the customer, maintaining a level of service that is meant to reflect the respect our team has for each person and project.

Working with a Team

Bryan learned through each mistake and each success in the first few years while working for himself. Soon after beginning his own company, Bryan realized how valuable additional team members could be. Over the course of his career, Butler Electric has employed six different apprentices. We continue to benefit from their assistance, and our apprentices continue to learn what high quality service means. Now with a growing team, Butler Electric continues to provide specialty electrical solutions all across West Michigan.

We are continually evolving to meet clients needs in more efficient ways with Bryan leading the way. We prioritize finding jobs that fit the capability and mission of Butler Electric, thus creating partnerships that benefit everyone.

Our team is also committed to constant innovation. We are not afraid to take on new types of projects, utilize new technology, or adapt to new guidelines. No matter what the change is, Bryan continually steps up and improves our service capabilities along with our experienced team members.

Want to get to know the Butler Electric team better? Give us a call at 616-643-8287. We are Butler Electric, and we are wired to serve.


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