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Common Misconceptions in the Field of Electrical Work

We love working in the electrical industry. Each day, we get to provide top-quality electrical services to customers in multiple settings: small businesses, private homes, new construction, solar energy, and more. However, many common ideas about electrical work are just not true. These misconceptions apply to every area of the electric business.

Here are a few common misconceptions and the real truth behind them.

Misconception #1: I shouldn’t ask my Electrician to explain what they’re doing; it will be too complex for me to understand.

It’s true that electricians have a lot of technical language to float around on a daily basis. However, our electric team makes a concerted effort to speak to clients in a personable way. We know our service is only as valuable as the client understands it to be. We speak to our clients in terms everyone can understand.

We begin by instructing and encouraging our clients to learn some basic electric terms and ideas. Check out this post for some common electrical terms you should know. Even as our projects get more complex, our commitment to helping clients understand the process never changes. With Butler Electric, we promise you will know what is happening with your project.

Misconception #2: Electricians have been working on the same types of projects with the same tools for the past few decades. Not much has changed, and not much needs to change.

Every year, new safety standards are released by organizations like the Electrical Safety Foundation International, the National Fire Protection Association, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, and others. It is essential for Electricians to stay on the forefront of these recommendations and follow all regulations.

Besides safety, there are also many ongoing improvements to electrical products and solutions. Some electricians are intimidated by change, it’s true. We look at change in the opposite way. At Butler, we know that change is good and we embrace innovation wherever our processes can improve. Sometimes, that change comes in the form of technology. New technology helps us do our job safer, faster, and more reliably. Other times, the change is in our work processes themselves. If there is a new idea to try that might make us better, we are willing to try it.

Misconception #3: Fads like solar energy and electric cars will eventually fizzle out.

Absolutely not! Modern electrical projects like harnessing solar energy and adding car changing ports are here to stay. We continue to work on the forefront of the electrical industry, engaging new ideas. We are ready to solve the problems that these new projects pose, and we enjoy learning more about these modern initiatives. We choose to be constantly looking forward to the next opportunity, not limiting ourselves to working only on projects of the past.

Have you mistakenly held any of these misconceptions? Not a problem! We all have thoughts about the electrical field that need adjusting every once in a while. If you have an electrical need and want first-hand experience of how it should be done, contact us.

We strive to remain on the cutting edge of the electrical field because we want to provide a service you know you can trust. Who knows, maybe you will discover the truth about one of your misconceptions along the way.


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