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How To: Prepare Your Garage for an Electric Car

These winter months are never easy on your car. If your car is already on the older end of the spectrum, a new electric vehicle may be within your consideration. Maybe, you are looking to make the switch to electric to avoid paying unpredictable gas prices. Maybe, you realize the impact that renewable energy can have for our planet and for our local ecosystems in West Michigan. Maybe, electric cars just seem sweet and you want one.

Whatever your motivation, Butler Electric can help you make the switch. Before you bring a new electric car home, getting the garage ready to handle the electric load is key.

The Home Charging Station: While EVC’s (Electric Vehicle Chargers) are available in more and more places now, having a charging option in-home is where the convenience of an electric car really wins. Plugging an electric car into a typical 120V (level one) outlet will take hours to charge and overload the electrical system in your home. We recommend installing a 240V outlet (a “level two” home charging station). A new outlet helps maintain a safe electrical system in your garage, which is always a priority. Your car will charge much faster, and Consumers Energy offers an energy rebate for electric car owners, so you could save on your bills as well.

The Garage Electrical System: Making wholesale upgrades to accommodate your new electrical car outlet might be the safest and most cost-effective strategy for your garage. Contact us to learn what this might look like for you. Butler Electric has provided panel upgrades, new circuit runs, and outlet installation for past electric car garage customers. No matter what your specific house and garage may need to accommodate the new vehicle, Butler Electric can help.

Non-Electric Items to Consider: Electric cars have batteries that don’t handle drastically fluctuating temperatures very well. Consider insulating your garage door to keep temperatures stable while your car stays parked and charging. This extends the life of the battery. Once you are on the move, the PlugShare app on your phone can help you identify charging stations on your trip that will make it easier to get back to your home station. Finally, spruce up that garage! New cars look better in clean, organized, and modern spaces. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Contact us today to learn how Butler Electric can help you get ready for a new electric car. Good riddance, gas pumps.

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