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Butler Electric Service: Trusted Residential and Commercial Electricians Throughout Generations of Builders

Throughout the many years of electrical work he’s done, Bryan Butler has formed close relationships with both residential and commercial construction workers. We spoke with Bergman Construction and Riley Remodeling, two of the construction firms that Bryan has completed electrical work for over the years, about their experience and projects with Butler Electric Service. 

Electrical for Commercial Construction

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Bergman Construction has done construction work in the West Michigan area for four generations. Leadership of Bergman Construction has transitioned from Phil Bergman (third generation) to Ryan Bergman (fourth generation), but their preferred electrician hasn’t changed. Collaborations between Butler Electric and Bergman Construction include electrical in buildings at local college GVSU (Grand Valley State University). Bryan is one of the trusted individuals for GVSU and Bergman Construction that was able to get the job done. 

Bryan has worked with Bergman Construction for as long as Butler Electric Service has existed. Phil Bergman recalls working alongside Bryan during early days in residential and then commercial construction. Having worked with dozens of electrical contractors, Phil said that Bryan’s at the top of his list. “We’ve known each other for a long time,” shared Phil. “Bryan’s a very conscientious worker, and a real stickler for code and doing the job right. Bryan’s one of the best.”

This sentiment must have been apparent to Ryan Bergman, who now operates Bergman Construction and still calls Bryan Butler for electrical services after thirty years of company ownership. Bryan does all of the electrical on Bergman’s commercial remodel projects, which are often on GVSU’s campus. Most recently, they remodeled the GVSU women's soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball locker rooms last year. You can see the completed project and athlete’s reactions here. Ryan said that Bryan “...takes a lot of pride in his work, is smart and is always trying to problem solve,” which is why Bergman Construction “...uses Butler Electric for all of [their] electrical needs.”

Electrical for Residential Construction

Bryan has also done electrical work for residential construction businesses like Riley Remodeling, who has been doing home remodeling for over twenty years. Bryan has done electrical in all areas of homes, including basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Kevin Riley, owner of Riley Remodeling, says they prioritize high quality and attention to detail, which Butler Electric prides themselves on. Kevin Riley said that “[Butler Electric] has been great to work with.”

Owner-operated small businesses like Bergman Construction, Butler Electric Service, and Riley Remodeling are known for their quality customer service, extensive knowledge of local codes and rules, and determination to do things correctly. We’ve been recommended from generation to generation, so we must be doing things right! Butler Electric is grateful for the many quality connections we’ve made around West Michigan with community members, local businesses, and universities. 

If you’d like to have Butler Electric wired to serve your commercial construction or residential construction business, give us a call at 616-643-8287.


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