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Get to Work this Winter

Michigan can have mild winter months, but we all know that Michigan winters come back with a vengeance. Here are a few safety and electrical concerns to be watching out for with extreme cold temperatures this winter:

  • Ice storms occur when near-freezing temperatures turn into slick rain and ice, which can bring down tree limbs with the heavy weight of ice and snow. If tree limbs hit a power line, you may be without power for a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the issue. (Relatedly, here's a helpful hint for telling whether you're experiencing an electrical blackout or "brownout.") A whole-house generator will give you peace of mind no matter the icy weather, while a portable generator is more budget friendly with a wide range of capabilities. Contact us for recommendations based on your budget and home size.

  • Investing in an electric garage heater is a great way to make that space usable and comfortable all winter long. For those of us who like to spend time completing projects during the cold months, a heater can allow for longer periods of usable work time during the coldest days. Butler Electric can help advise you on a safe electric heater (minimizing risk of fire) and help you install the appliance in your space.

  • Have you seen your heating bill lately? Lower your utility costs by switching to energy-efficient lighting. We know, you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: LED bulbs are both safer and more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run. Plus, investing in brighter lighting can positively affect your mood and help you avoid the winter blues! Take a hard look at lighting around your home or office and decide to make the switch today.

In addition to these proactive safety measures, winter is a great time to tackle indoor electrical projects. You may be in the process of a home remodel for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. Our team can help quickly and cleanly complete the necessary electrical work to bring the project to completion. Get started by reaching out to our team here.


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