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5 Things Every Electrician Needs to Succeed, According to a Master Electrician

Doing electrical work is a difficult and important job, but it can be easier when you have the right tools. There are so many electrical materials that electricians might find useful that it can even clutter your workspace, which, for most of us, is a van. We talked with our master electrician, Bryan Butler, about some of the best products that electricians should have for effective and efficient electrical work. You will find that the products below are durable, of great value, and tried-and-true. The following are 5 things that every electrician should have.

When you’re doing electrical work on-the-go, it’s important to have your electrical materials organized so that wires don’t get tangled and your work can be efficient. These sturdy van magnets can carry up to 30 lbs. of wire while keeping it easily accessible and off the floor when you need it ASAP. We jerry-rigged ours (pictures below) just to keep the wire just a bit more secure, but this product has made our lives much easier. 

There are very few electricians who work without Rack-a-Tier racks, and for good reason – everyone loves them because they’re light, practical, and versatile. They can securely hold materials that have to be cut (great for safety) as well as organize wire spools. Due to the ease-of-use and affordability, it’s simple to see why this product is Bryan Butler’s personal favorite. 

For larger electrical projects, you’ll need a lot of wire. The wheeled wire caddy helps transport multiple wire spools around easily, which is especially helpful when you need access to large amounts of heavy wire for a larger building like a commercial warehouse or industrial facility. 

Multi Meter

A multi meter is a necessity for any electrician because it can sense the electrical resistance of live wires, allowing you to check how much current is or isn’t going through the wire. By knowing which wires are live and which aren’t, electricians can ensure that they won't get shocked while handling electrical and determine the cause of any electrical issues resulting in a more swift solution. 

Some rolls of wire weigh over 100 lbs, making them difficult to transport. This dolly-type wire cart can be pushed on wheels, making it easy to move around large areas for the job. Conveniently, this wire rack can collapse into a compact, portable piece of equipment that packs easily into a van or vehicle trunk. Based on its convenience, affordability, and efficiency, the E-Z Roll Wire Rack is a must-have for any electrician.


It’s tough to get access to the electrical hardware behind outlets without a screwdriver. For this underrated but vital piece of equipment we prefer to use a Robertson/square screwdriver or a hybrid screwdriver when doing electrical work. The design of these screwdrivers allows them to “lock” into the screws of a light switch or a receptacle, making for easy and efficient tightening or loosening.

Use code BUTLER10 for any purchases from Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. for 10% off. This post contains affiliate links. As a Rack-A-Tiers Associate, Butler Electric earns from qualifying purchases without raising the price you pay. 

For more information on necessary electrical tools, check out our blog on safe DIY electrical work, which features a quick recap of all the electrical tools you need to be safe. You can find most of the products listed above at your nearest electrical supply house.  Looking for an electrician in West Michigan? Give us a call at 616-643-8287. We’re wired to serve thanks to the trusted products listed above.


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