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Solar: It’s Not All Bad

You may have heard the news about Pink Energy, a.k.a. PowerHome Solar, a.k.a. solar power salespeople who reportedly defrauded many customers and have now closed their doors permanently. The story is truly sad and disappointing, as many solar customers were deceived. The PowerHome team routinely oversold the actual impact of solar on homeowners' utility bills and exaggerated potential refunds from the government. In the end, customers were left with huge bills and a bad taste in their mouth for solar energy as a whole.

However, we want to remind you that while there are bad actors in the solar industry, there are also a lot of great partners. Solar power is viable, positive, and necessary. We encourage home and business owners to invest in it! The benefits of solar impact our environment, reducing the carbon footprint of your home and making our earth a safer place to live. There are economic benefits for reduced utility bills and combatting rising electricity costs. And there are community benefits through protecting the electrical grid and even local job creation.

But do be cautious about who you partner with for solar projects and do plenty of careful research. We highly recommend our friends at Chart House Energy and Strawberry Solar as trusted partners in the solar field. They are doing things in an ethical way, being upfront about cost and return, and will see the project through to the finish.

Butler Electric has helped many homes and businesses install solar panels and hook up batteries to harness and store that power for future use. You can find an overview of some recent solar projects here on our website along with highlights from Musekgon Heights, a local family, and the Ferrysburg Town Hall. We've also shared a handy tool from Google called "Project Sunroof" that will allow you to calculate potential hours of usable sunlight per year and usable square fooatage on your roof. If you're still curious, you can explore the true cost of solar energy here.

Do you have questions about solar energy for your home or business? Contact us.


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